Did you know:

JD Humanoid

With ez-bits

Fully Functional Humanoid

JD is a fully functional humanoid robot kit built with ez-bits and invented in Canada.


This WiFi enabled humanoid robot is easy, fun and educational! JD boasts 16 degrees of freedom with metal gear heavy duty servo motors. That means he has 16 motorized joints for walking, dancing or anything that you teach him!

The camera in the head of this robot provides vision recognition to track color, motion, glyphs, QR codes, faces and more. There are 18 RGB LEDs in the eyes of JD, which can be easily programmed and animated for unlimited expressions of up to 1 million colors. The included EZ-Builder Software makes it easy to create movements, programs and personalized mobile apps for your phone!

*HD servo version shown in photos. Product ships with HDD servos.

For ages 12+