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Al Yousuf hands over first cleaning robot to utility company


Al Yousuf has handed over the first automatic cleaning device to Facilities Management Services Company during the technical projects exhibition which was held yesterday at the UAE University with the participation of a number of companies and the establishment. A number of smart electronic applications were presented.

Tamim Khalid Yousuf, Head of Al Yousuf Robotics, said: “We are developing and promoting smart robot systems for commercial, industrial and household purposes. We are working to create service facilities that improve human life.

As the company has been striving for over 65 years, it has been working to exceed customer expectations through innovations and continuous improvements. In the light of its commitment to its mission, the robotics division aims to achieve excellence and create new horizons. The Yusuf division of robots has been broadly divided into two categories, the industrial category and the retail sector. The Avidbots industrial fleet consists of a new automatic navigation technology from the rugged scanner robot, with integrated technology from Canada, which can be operated in any commercial space with high quality of cleaning and reporting, including the household and retail fleet (Hupput) for glass cleaning and u-pot for floor cleaning.


These cleaning robots are equipped with state of the art technology and sensors to provide advanced cleaning services.

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